Tuesday, December 3, 2013

A Peak inside my Little Freezer

Above are two pics of my little freezer looking down from top drawer to bottom drawer. Yes, drawer.  British freezers have drawers instead of shelves.  It actually makes it easier to find things since you can remove the drawer and put it on the counter while you do the archaeological dig for the sliced ham you are positive is in there.

Each drawer is about 12 deep by 12 wide by 6 high (inches).  I am actually amazed at how much I can get into it if I put the jigsaw puzzle together correctly.  And, of course, being the stockpiling addict that I am, I cram a lot into it "just in case".  Who knows, we could get frozen in during the 4 day cold snap predicted for later this week.  It could happen.

I have deli meats, cheeses, butcher specials, yoghurt starter, buttermilk starter, plum pits, frozen veggies and precooked dried beans all snuggled up together in those drawers.  I feel victorious.  Good deals taken advantage of and I know we won't starve.  Yeah for our side.

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