Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Out of the Coventry and into the Ashby

As you can see from the sign post below, we have moved out of Coventry and the Coventry Canal and are off for new parts.

But first, we needed to retrace our steps to Hawkesbury Junction where the Oxford and the Coventry Connect and where we catch the other arm of the Coventry Canal to head to our next adventure.  At that juncture is this beautiful iron bridge, built in 1837, that marks where the canals join.

Near the bottom of the above picture you can see the canal basin that the boats use in order to position themselves to move to the adjoining canal.  In the bottom left corner you can see the black post.  Just out of sight is the seating area for the local pub, The Greyhound (excellent food, BTW), where patrons like to sit and watch the hijinks that ensue when boats are trying to position themselves. It is almost always good for a laugh if you are not the skipper of the boat.

Why?  See the beginning of the bridge in the above photo? You are traveling parallel to the bridge until you get into the basin where you must make a quick 90 degree turn to pass under the bridge and into the next canal.  Sounds easy?  Not really.

But Mike made it and as he said, "I even look like I know what I am doing." :)

We then traveled a short distance up the Coventry Canal (away from Coventry) until the Coventry and the Ashby join.  Getting into the Ashby has its own challenge, though nothing like the turn, since they restrict the entry to a small channel like you would have entering a lock.  Piece of cake.

So, now we are in the Ashby and heading towards the historic site where the Battle of Bosworth was fought and where we will play tourist for a day or so. 

While the Coventry Canal is an urban canal with the disturbing sights of grafitti and garbage all along the sides of the canal and in the canal, the Ashby is back to the rural peace and quiet.

Although last night when we took our walk the local cows were quite talkative and of course I talked back.  Mike was just relieved no one else was around to observe our conversation. :)

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