Saturday, April 18, 2015

Roof Top Tennent(s)

We are ducks!

Mama duck has built a nest in one of our flower boxes, to the extreme detriment of our spring flowers BTW, and is patiently sitting on her eggs and waiting for her babies to arrive. 

We just saw her yesterday so we really don't know how long she has been nesting there.  She is rather well hidden if you don't know where to look.  And, obviously, we never thought to check the roof for ducks when we returned.

It takes 28-35 days for duck eggs to incubate.  If ours are at the 28 day end and she has just started nesting then we have 4 weeks to wait.  If she started to nest while we were gone, which is what we both believe happened since the boat would have been calm, quiet and seemingly free of pesky people during that time, then we have maybe 14-21 days to wait.

According to what I have been reading, mama and ducklings remain in the nest for about 24 hours after hatching before venturing out into the world.  Boy, is that fast!

I want to stay put until the big day.  Mike wants to move the flower box to shore and get going.  This could be a real battle of the wills. 

I just don't want to upset mama and this wonderful process taking place.  Other mamas will understand, I am sure. 

Stay tuned for more developments.

PS:  Another duck is nesting in the reeds near our boat.  No knowledge about the possible date of her confinement either.

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