Thursday, April 16, 2015

Eating From The Freezer

When I was in high school, for a short while, Banquet made a tuna pot pie that I enjoyed.  I must have been one of an exclusive few since it did not stay on the market long.  :-)

Tonight I am making a version of my own for dinner. 

In our dead freezer were two containers of tuna chowder.  I used them, thickened with some cornstarch, some carrots and peas from the freezer to augment the potatoes and corn in the chowder, and some puff pastry also in the freezer.  It is now in the oven baking and I am trying to type with my fingers crossed that it works out OK. 

I will be serving it with some previously frozen winter squash and some cheese bread made with previously frozen hamburger rolls/bats.  The sweet course will be the rest of last nights previously frozen chocolate and caramel dessert.

Last night, so as to use up my frozen eggs, we had spinach (frozen) with a blender hollandaise sauce and fried potatoes and eggs with baking powder biscuits.

Breakfast was previously frozen bagels topped with once frozen ricotta mixed with the last of the smoked fish from the freezer.

Do you see a pattern as to where I am getting the ingredients?

I figure I have maybe another day, max two before everything needs to be pitched.  The fridge can only keep them good for so long.

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