Thursday, April 16, 2015

Ready for Summer

The inside of the boat now is adorned with its summer finery.

During the winter the cushion covers and curtains throughout the boat are made from a heavy navy blue and gold fabric.  It keeps a lot of the cold out and makes the inside feel cozy.

But, come spring it just feels heavy, dark and blah!  I am so over dark.  Hence, a makeover was in need.

Last year I used white and tan sheets to cover the cushions but I never did like the look.  There is a reason decorators talk with disdain about builder beige.  Yes, it is neutral.  But, it is a boring neutral.  Very boring.

So, when summer was over last year those thrifted sheets found their way back to the charity shop.

This spring I was on the lookout for a heavier fabric (to stay in place better) and one with a springy and outdoorsy print.  I found what I was looking for in the form of two large lined curtain panels with a muted but still colorful floral print on a creamy yellow background.

The curtain panels provided enough fabric to cover 2 large and 2 small seat cushions.  For the back cushions I used a white duvet cover with an inlaid lace panel.  The results are sooooo much better than last year.  Now when I look around the room things seem light, colorful and cheerful.  I love it.

The window curtains are made from two woven throw blankets cut to size and hung using the same hardware as the winter curtains.  The throws were basically white with a pattern woven into them using a goldish- beige thread.  They let in more light even when closed and I am all about light.  They do block the glare of the sun and that is all that I need them to do.

So, the boat has new finery for about £20 or $30.  Not bad.

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