Sunday, January 31, 2016

$1446.93 "Saved" in January

For those of you who read my 2016 goals you know I decided to keep track of the money that we don't spend because:
  •  we buy RTC, 
  • the specials of the day, 
  • free e-books,
  •  get OAP/senior discounts, 
  • use coupons/vouchers, 
  • receive member discounts, 
  • use petrol/gasoline discounts, 
  • fly economy instead of economy plus even with new knees that would have loved the extra room, 
  • self installing of files and software onto a new computer instead of paying to have it done,
  •  etc.

The savings DOES NOT reflect things bought at normal thrift/charity shop prices or just on sale since I probably wouldn't be buying it except if it was on sale or at a thrift shop.  Hope you get the idea.

Well, in the month of January I am amazed and pleased to report that $1446.93  remained in our bank account because of the frugal decisions we made during the month.

That should help the old retirement fund stretch if we decide to be ancient instead of just old before we kick the bucket.

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