Sunday, January 3, 2016

Food, Glorious Food

I have been working on restocking the boat for after we return on the 18th.

To do so I have placed two orders with Approved Foods, an online deep discount grocery store.

Usually I aim for a 75 percent overall discount on the order but these last two orders came in at an 81 percent discount. I'll take it.

My first order cost £30.44 and got me:
 5boxes of cake mix that will become cookies for Mike,
a pound and a half of flax seed to use in baking,
three and a half kilos of sponge mix  for making cakes of different varieties,
a liter of extra virgin olive oil,
7 kilos of brown bread mix,
10 kg of flour for making bagels and English muffins to say nothing of tortillas and pita bread.

I also got:
6 small cans of pate,
a quarter pound of dried figs, and
 36 small bags of Weight Watchers assorted snacks.

My second order cost £24.85  and I will receive:
3kg of oatmeal which is useful for making mock meat,
20 Nutrigrain bars for easy and quick meals or snacks,
15 Adkins bars for the same reason,
2 mayo, 3 ketchup,3 salsa,
more cake mix for biscotti that Mike snuck on the order,
36 low salt broth cubes,
 4 pounds of soba noodles,
1 pound of risotto rice and
3small jars of hot sauce.

I will need milk, cheese fruit and veg but with the canned and dried foods we have on the boat we should be fairly well set.

I foresee:
 spicy peanut noodles,
tvp cheeseburger casserole,
 bean burgers,
pasta with chick peas,
 lo mein noodles,
tvp tacos,
pea or bean soup,
spaghetti with mock meatballs,
mock chicken pot pie,
not chicken parmesan,
 black bean soup,
Tuscan tomato bread soup,
 vegetarian haggis,
 potato curry,
pierogi casserole,
tvp sloppy Joes,
 tvp stroganoff,
 potato pancakes,
mock meatloaf,
swissed mock steak,
Buffalo mock chicken sandwiches,
meatless Glamorgin sausages,
Mexican pizza,
 stromboli with mock sausage.

That should feed us well for over a month and not a piece of meat in sight. That's one for helping to purge the bodily systems of all that holiday excess.

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