Sunday, January 10, 2016

Gathering Up the Scattered Bits and Pieces of Our Life

It is amazing how far things get scattered over four months.

And now it's my job to find them all so that they can end up back where they belong.

 Somehow a skirt and pair of slacks have gone AWOL.

  And my yarn has grown exponentially even though I have been crocheting the entire time I have been here.

And, to make matters worse, I am collecting jeans for a future project and let me tell you they take up space, lots of space.

Then there are the leftover spices and shelf stable foods purchased over the last four months but not used (why can't I estimate better?).

 Plus the items we purchased to take back with us.

Where will it all go?

How many suitcases will it all take?

Will we have room for such non essentials as clothes and shoes and prescriptions?

Life on the boat is simpler and easier, not enough space for things to hide.

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