Wednesday, January 20, 2016

All in a Day's Flying

Preparing for my first flight post knee replacement, Mike and I decided support hose might be prudent.

I'm sure it was but it was also a bit of comic relief, reminding me of when Aunt Evelyn and I used to struggle to get them on her and dissolve into laughter at how hard we struggled.

I eventually got them on and I am sure they work great in preventing pooling blood in the extremities since I believe they are strong enough to act in place of a cast if I ever have a broken leg!

I also spent most of the day thinking my shoes were suddenly too tight until I realized that it was just the hose giving a good squeeze to my feet. In fact, I probably could have worn a size smaller shoe yesterday without a problem.

When we arrived at the airport I answered one of my questions: yes I will now always set off the scanner and need to have my legs patted down.

 The viewing of my scars is not enough. Although I am unsure what additional information they get by patting my legs down. Mine is not to question why.

My day was made complete by air turbulence.

 I am a Dramamine flyer.

Somebody in air traffic control must have had it in for Dramamine fliers in small puddle jumper airplanes heading for Newark.

 We got to spend ten minutes flying through the clouds.

I could have been on a carnival ride.

We went up and then dropped quickly back down. We slid rapidly from side to side. We made random combinations of all four possibilities.

We could have moved up or down a thousand feet to avoid it all but someone must have thought it would be more educational to see how well the plane would hold up to all this bouncing.

As for how well I held up, I turned an interesting shade of grey-green that had the people around me mesmerized. Obviously they had never flown through clouds with a Dramamine flyer before.

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