Tuesday, January 5, 2016

More Stocking Up

Mike and I did quite a bit of shopping at our local Dollar Tree where everything is a dollar, Wal-Mart and at the local Whole Foods Co-Op that we have belonged to for two decades plus.  Our mission was to purchase some needed items to take back to the boat. (The suitcase these are packed in ALWAYS gets searched. I wonder what they think.)

At the Dollar Tree we purchased:

Tuna :  this and others are because we don't have a freezer and I like to have them to fall back on when feeling lazy
Canned ham
a pouch of buffalo seasoned chicken
Some cider drink pouches for using to flavor water since I need to drink more
Two pouches of salmon
Aluminum foil sheets- I have learned to love the convenience and since I reuse I figure why not

At Wal-Mart we purchased:

Store brand water flavoring drops
Compression socks for the flight back: an ounce of prevention being worth a pound of cure
Size N crochet hook for a pattern I want to try
Iron on bonding tape - no sewing machine on the boat, need I say more
Liquid stitch

At the Co-Op we bought:

Several different spices: nutmeg, allspice, cloves, garlic powder, dried onion, curry powder, fennel
MSM for my arthritis: works for race horses and works for me
TVP chunks, both for mock chicken and beef
Garbanzo bean flour
Vegetarian bouillon
Dried butter beans
Carob powder -to use instead of cocoa ($16/lb vs $3/lb)
Vanilla beans- I need to make some more vanilla
Vegetarian rennet- I want to try making some different cheeses

The purchases all make sense to me but must have them scratching their heads.  

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