Sunday, January 31, 2016

Maybe a change of scene?

To recap:  we came back to a boat with DEAD batteries.  We could not get them recharged and upon exploring the cause discovered that our alternator had died. 

A replacement was ordered and took a few days to arrive. 

It then had to be adjusted so that it would work with the electronics on our boat. 

It is now sitting, all bright and shiny, in the cockpit and today's task for Mike is to install it.  (He had such fun getting the old one out I am sure he is looking forward to installing this new one.) 

Then we can turn the boat around in our slip and reload the wood onto the other half of the roof. 

And then, just maybe then, we can leave the marina and head down the canal towards Chester.

I like the marina but a week plus of looking at the same scenery and walking the same walks can get a little much. 

Time for a change.

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