Friday, January 15, 2016


That was her formal name. But we always just called her Rory.
She was a petite but very regal marmalade cat and she knew she was beautiful.

She belonged to DD1 but spent college vacations and the first year after graduation at our house. In fact, it was Rory who taught our Sam how to be a cat.  (Sam modeled the behaviour of our dogs, to the point of sleeping in a cage at night.  This was totally unacceptable to Rory who took matters into her own hands.)

Rory did love to take adventures out in the world from the time she was young until fairly recently. But luckily, one way or the other, she always found her way back home.

Now Rory has gonna ahead on her final adventure. And, like all Auroras she will be lighting up the sky.

RIP sweet Rory. You are missed.

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