Thursday, February 4, 2016



It was touch and go, though, because at the last minute the bow thruster blew a fuse.
But we decided to be rugged explorers and brave the elements without it until we can get to a chandlery that sells replacements.

 It was time to hit the road and have a change of scene.

About two hours in I did my first lock post knee surgery. 
And let me tell you God does have a sense of humor.

The lock was old, heavy, out of balance and needed greased.

Opening the gates to adjust the water flow took all the arm strength I had and Mike chipped in to open the gates on the far side and even he said they were TOUGH.

It took two of us to get the bottom doors open they were so out of balance and closing them was even more difficult since it felt like the door was scraping along the bottom at a weird angle.

The upper door was easier and I managed on my own.  Thank heaven.  I was beginning to worry that Mike might have to trade me in on a more physically fit model. :)

We have four more locks ahead of us today if the weather clears at all.  It is cod and wet out there now.  Cold I can handle.  Wet I can handle.  Cold and wet I draw the line at.

There is a Lidl grocery store and three charity shops in Middlewich that I am looking forward to exploring.  They are the carrots being dangled in front of me to make doing the locks a more positive thing.  I can be bribed.

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