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Ever since we started narrow boating when people suggested places we must visit it was only a matter of time before they all, and I do mean all, said Chester was a definite must see.  Now we know why.

Chester is just this side of the Welsh border in Cheshire, England.  The city was founded by the Romans in AD79.  The Roman walls built to protect the settlement and later extended by the Saxonsin an attempt to defend the city from the Vikings, are amazingly and thankfully still mainly standing making it one of the best walled cities in England.  Only 330 feet of the wall is missing making them to all purposes generally complete.  The walls show the boundaries of the medieval city of Chester

Chester is a magnificent city with one of the few preserved city walls that used to be around almost all major cities for protection but have disappeared over time.  Not in Chester.  The city wall grows up out of the canal path and towers over the canal.  Even today it gives you a sense of protection just by seeing it looming over you.

In the city you will fine the King Charles' Tower where, during the English Civil War, The soon to be ex King Charles I watched his Cavalier's be defeated by Cromwell's Parliamentarians.   

The cathedral in the city is said to be built upon the site of a 10th century place of worship.  It was in the current cathedral that Handel first performed his magnificent Messiah in 1742.  A definite claim to fame.

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Image result for chester cathedral

Chester is blessed with a large number of medieval building but the tourist must remember that not all of the black-and-white buildings in the city are medieval.  Some are Victorian buildings built to evoke the Tudor buildings of the past.

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The Rows are continuous half-timbered galleries, that house shops on both the first and second storeys  The shops on.reached by steps to the second row of shops above those at street level  They are found. along Watergate Street, Northgate Street, Eastgate Street and Bridge Street. The Rows are unique in the world to Chester, and nobody is quite sure why they were built in this way.

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If you are a shopper, there a lots and lots of high end shops here to take your business.  For people like myself who have pledged to buy from the used market, we are not left out.  There are about 20 charity shops to visit.
I have visited almost every one so can attest to the fact that they are small but still worth the look.

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