Saturday, February 20, 2016

Bread, Scones, Upside Down Cake and Chowder

It has still been wet, windy and cold so I have pulled out all the stops on making warming comfort foods to warm us inside and out.

 I figure the heat from the oven augments the wood burner and brings the temp up a degree or two inside. I do know it helps warm the kitchen section of the boat which can be a good four degrees colder than the living area.

For breakfast I mixed up some oatmeal raisin scones that I served with butter and marmalade.

Then it was time to do the dishes and face the day.

First, I mixed up some multigrain bread with flax.

While it was proofing I made a half size pineapple upside down cake and put it in the oven.

Shortly after it was done the bread was ready to go in to bake.

I then decided it was a soup and sandwich day so I sorted out all the ingredients for a small pot of corn chowder, minus the bacon since it was a Friday in Lent.

  Tuna sandwiches rounded out the comfort food meal.

Also, yesterday we took advantage of a dry spell in the late afternoon and cut, split and stacked logs.

 That wood warmed us up while we were working on it and will do it again when we burn it. A twofer.

Speaking of wood, our supply I'd dwindling. We hope spring arrives soon or we may have to resort to coal. And here we thought we were well stocked.

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