Saturday, February 6, 2016

Homemade Ricotta, Bagels and Laundry Detergant

Today is a day of rain, wind and general yuckiness.  Hence, a day to remain inside the boat and put on my Susie Homemaker hat.

Mike had scored some RTC whole milk that I needed to use up quickly so I decided to make ricotta cheese.  It won't make a large amount but just about enough to make a small lasagna for two.  Perfect.  I also have an eggplant/aubergine that needs using up so I think this lasagna will be of the vegetarian variety.  But the eggplant will taste so rich the meat will never be missed.

I am going to use the whey from the cheese to make and boil bagels.  I bought some cream cheese just a day or so ago because I have been having a craving for a good bagel.  They aren't expensive at the store but I have discovered I can make better ones for about one tenth the cost at home.  Win.  Win.  Mike doesn't object since my recipe makes about 8 and I never buy that many and he just loves himself a good bagel.  Unfortunately, we have no smoked salmon for them.  Oh well.

Then I went to start my every other day laundry and "discovered/remembered" I needed laundry detergent.  So out came the ingredients to make a batch.  Ten minutes later I had made enough to last about 6 months and each load will only cost me about 3 cents.  You can't hate that.

So, inexpensive cheese, bagels and laundry detergent.  A good day for Susie Homemaker.

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