Friday, September 26, 2014

We're Off to the Dentist

About 30 years ago, Mike had two gold on lays put on 2 back molars.  Unbeknownst to me, these on lays have been loose for quite some time (the best I got as an answer is that it could easily have been years rather than months!).  Apparently they would pop off and he would replace them and think nothing of it, like how is something sitting loosely on top of my tooth really doing its job?.

Well, a couple of weeks ago he was eating and thought the same thing had happened yet again.  However, upon further examination not just the on lay had come loose, part of the tooth had broken off at the gum line.  In fact, as we have now learned, most of the tooth is missing above the gum line.

To return to the story, on Wednesday Mike told me that when he bit down he felt pain all the way down to his jaw from said tooth and he thought maybe he had an infection (maybe?).

It was calmly and quietly decided between us that he should probably see a dentist ASAP.  And no, it probably should not wait a month until we got back to the states. (You think?)

So, we found a dentist in the closest market town that would see him as a private pay patient.  He scheduled Mike for a same day appointment and it has been determined that:  it was ugly: it needed to be dealt with; we would be dealing with an extraction and antibiotics.

The antibiotics we got that day and the extraction will be done next Wednesday.  What happens next (bridge, pegged tooth, or whatever) has yet to be revealed.

Now, remember, we are private pay without any insurance over here.  The office visit, antibiotics (2), and extraction will cost us a total of £155 or less than $300!  Not bad.

Now, any suggestions for the patient next Thursday and Friday when he is sure to feel he is on his last legs and requires constant attention?  Oh, if only men had to have one child each.  How much easier life would be.

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