Monday, September 1, 2014

An Unexpected Visitor

You know how you sometimes feel you are being watched?

I was in the living area of the boat checking emails (we finally had some connectivity) and I had that feeling.

When I looked up and over to the open hatch doors I had a bit of a shock.

An inquisitive swan had stuck its neck in the doors and had turned its head to look at me.

Now remember, they are mute.  No "asking" for food.

However, this swan had plaintive eyes and great body language.  Reminded me of a beagle we had once upon a time. :-)

I got up to go answer the call for food, wondering if the swan would lunge for me as I got closer as they sometimes do. 

But, no.  As I got close to the doors the head was pulled back and Mr. Swan waited patiently while I got the food and threw some out for him.

It disappeared quite sharpish so I guess he really was hungry.  Or maybe just being polite.

But I thought that was quite a parlour trick for the swan to have.

Quite effective.

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