Sunday, September 21, 2014

I'd Like a Double of Bengay, Please.

I am feeling every year of my age and then some. 

We are now in Sheffield but I had to do 16 locks in about 4 hours to get here.  Now, granted, I had some help, but my poor old body does not seem to remember that right now. :-)

What it does remember is that every lock has 4 sluices to be opened and closed with the winch; four LARGE gates to be opened and closed with brute force; and a canal path to be walked between each  (although I had company this time in the form of Tara, our friend Annie's dog who does not like being in the boat in a lock, poor thing.  She made the walking much more enjoyable and is a very sweet dog who I could steal in a moment. :-)

My right shoulder has not stopped its yelling conversation with me since I opened and closed the last sluice.

My knees and back are grumbling about all of the effort and pushing put forth on the gates and in the 5 mile walk that resulted in countless jars to both as I insisted on continually picking up and putting down each foot over and over again, all in the name of walking.

I have been wishing I could take an anti-inflammatory but have settled with pain relievers and strong cuppas to pamper myself until all body parts settle down and stop grumbling quite so much. 

And on Tuesday, yes this Tuesday, we shall start the return trip and do it all over again!  Something to look forward to?

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