Saturday, September 27, 2014

Eleven Hours and Fifty Two Minutes

of daylight in my world today.  The darkness of winter is closing in.  Each day will be slightly shorter until we have only about 7 hours of daylight between sunrise and sunset.

So, I am making plans for
  • shorter days of cruising which translates into fewer locks to do each day :-)
  • meals based around comforting soups, stews and casseroles that warm you before you even begin to eat them
  • crocheting and crafting during the longer evenings
  • soul pleasing fires in the stove to enjoy morning and night
  • movie nights with popcorn and some of the charity shop movies we have found
  • reading books with warm cups of tea
  • heck, I might even get to some of the mending that has sat here all summer :-)
And , as always, the daily walks to explore the area and get some exercise.  Sometimes they manage to end in a pub with a half a pint but that is an added benefit. :-)

And then, in celebration of Mike's birthday, the days begin to get longer again!

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