Thursday, September 4, 2014

Gathering Up the Fragments

We are now in Selby.  Mike has made an appointment here for the boat to have a yearly "physical" and tune up before winter sets in.  An ounce of prevention being worth a pound of cure.

I looked out the window today and actually took in the fact that there are several trees along the canal that have already lost their leaves.  Now when did that happen?  It really feels much too early.

But, along the same line, yesterday I collected quite a few horse chestnuts.  They remind me of my childhood when we had a tree in the front yard.  I love how bright and shiny they are.  And, according to some people we talked to who were also gathering them, if you keep small bowls of them throughout the boat it helps deter spiders.  I am all for that as the spiders seem to love the boat but I am not as fond of them.

Blackberries are still plentiful in the hedge rows and I need to get out there and pick some more to put in the freezer for later this winter when they will be a real treat.

Mike has also been busy cutting some of our "gleaned" wood to appropriate size for our stove.  We have quite a supply but I know it will disappear quickly once we need to start using the stove every day.

I have been using down the items in the freezer and cupboard as tomorrow we will be renting a car for the weekend and one of the things we will be doing is heading to the nearest military base and taking advantage of our commissary/px benefits.  We did this last November, too.  I am hoping to pick up some items we have difficulty finding here (such as pretzel rods) and some meat as well as other things that strike my fancy.

On Saturday we are heading to Thursk where the real life James Herriott had his veterinary practice.  I want to go through the museum there and spend some time driving around admiring the beauty of the Yorkshire Dales.

On Sunday we are meeting friends for lunch and maybe some outlet shopping. And then Monday we are back to the canals and 3mph.

P.S.  Happy 38 Mike.

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