Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Welcome Home, Aurora (Rory)

While DD1 was on her vacation her cat, that she has had since she was in college, pushed out a window in the basement and went adventuring. (Causing the poor pet sitter MUCH anxiety.)

Now, I must say this is not the first time Rory has given in to her wanderlust.

When DD1 was a senior in college she escaped via a second floor window just before graduation.  (This cat knows how to time things to get the most attention.)  Obviously, she was recovered after being located up in a tree.

Then, there was the time she escaped while visiting Mike's great aunt Evelyn in New York state.  We had to leave while she was still out gallivanting.  Luckily, Aunt E telephoned a couple of days later to say that the "tramp cat" Aunt E fed and provided winter shelter to had led Rory home to Aunt E's.

This time I was afraid that she might be gone for good and that has caused this grandmother of furry friends a great deal of worry and some sleepless nights.

But, DD1 emailed today to say that when she got up this morning she found Rory in the kitchen.  Kind of like "What's the big deal, Mom?  You went on vacation.  I went on vacation.  You're back.  I'm back."

And you thought only children gave you grey hair! But, I am so glad you are home safe and sound, Rory.  Grandma loves you. 

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