Sunday, September 24, 2017

Thrifty Crocheting

I'm an avid crocheter.  I'm not all that talented at it, however.  My skill level seems to be stuck just past beginner.  Sad but true.

I make dish clothes, shopping bags, hats, scarves, afghans and such.

Yarn these days is expensive.  I hate the thought of buying $50 worth of yarn to make a project that might not turn out.  And even if it did, would be more expensive than buying the item.

So, what's a crocheter to do?

 Check out the local thrift stores.  They quite often have yarn at much reduced prices.

But there's a catch.  Usually you don't come across more than two, or occasionally three skeins of the same color.  ( Recently I did find nine skeins of the same color but that is an EXTREMELY rare occurrence.)

That's where your eye for color comes in.

Get out all your accumulated bits and pieces and figure out what harmonizes with what.  And pick your project based on what you have available.

It's fun and appeals to my not too talented artistic side.

And it's frugal and good for the planet.

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