Monday, September 18, 2017

Getting the Most from your Meat Purchase

If you read my previous post you know that I recently bought a nine pound ham for 99 cents per pound.  But that was only the start of our savings.

When we got home, Mike and I started to process it to make the most out of every cent we spent.

First, Mike removed the thin layer of fat that is always to be found on hams.  He then began to slice it for various uses:  ham steaks to grill, thin slices for sandwiches, chunks for casseroles, and small bits and pieces for ham salad, soup and ham loaf.

Meanwhile, I took the pieces of fat and began to render them down.  We eventually got half a jar of renderings that will now be used in cooking.

  I can hear that shocked intake of breath.  But let me just point out that my cholesterol is low; my good is high and my bad is low;  and, my triglycerides are fine.

At the end of all this work, the bone and the rendering remnants went into my soup pot and were covered with water to cook and become broth for future soup.  We got enough broth for five small pots of soup.

Once cooked, the bone is stripped of any remaining ham which is added back to the soup broth.  The broth is then chilled and the fat removed from the top and added to the rendering.

The result:  enough meat and broth for at least 36 meals for the two of us.  That comes out to 12 1/2 cents per serving.  The flavor added by the renderings to future meals is extra.

Granted, in lots of the meals the meat will be more of a condiment than the main focus, but the flavor will still excite our taste buds,  the reduction in meat consumption will be healthier, and our budget will thank us.

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