Friday, September 15, 2017

September 1-15: Buying and Eating

September is a thirty day month with a budget of $ 369.30.       We also have a cushion of $ 401.95    for a total available of $ 771.25.       .

What we ate:
Homemade veggie soup with deli sandwiches; stacked enchiladas with rice and beans; macaroni and 4 cheeses, Asian peanut salad, broccoli, cheesy bread; cheesy brats on the grill, chips, corn on the cob; leftover Mexican; leftover sandwiches and popcorn; Welsh rarebit and sauteed beet greens and broccoli;  carrot and potato pancakes, corned beef hash, eggs and toast; meatloaf, roasted vegetables, potatoes; chilli spaghetti, sauteed corn; shrimp and pea Alfredo with Waldorf salad and Parmesan wine supper bread; ham steak, breaded cauliflower, Waldorf salad; leftover smorgasbord; makeovers of potato pancakes, ham, eggs and toast

What we bought:

Giant Eagle:  Pepperidge Farms onion buns.  $0.99

Salvage Grocery:  crushed tomatoes, dry navy beans, white whole wheat flour (20lbs.), self rising flour (10 lbs.), soy sauce (2), cream of onion soup, cilantro cooking base, dried cranberries (21 oz.), organic beef broth (64oz), poppy seeds, ground cloves, sesame seeds, baking powder, organic tomato sauce (2), Certo liquid pectin, to pop salted caramel popcorn (3 pouches), organic salsa, kosher salt (3lbs.), Starbucks ground coffee (6), Ghiradelli brownie mix, ginger snaps, pineapple (20 oz.), garlic croutons, walnuts (4.5 oz.), honey roasted sliced almonds.  $43.48.

I began my stock up of flour, as you might have noticed.  :)

I also purchased by Halloween candy at salvage but it isn't shown above because it comes out of the gift budget.

Tops:  pasta, Chobani yogurt, eggs, chopped tomatoes, shredded cheese, spaghetti sauce, dark kidney beans, flour tortillas, chili seasoning, lettuce, ground chuck (4.88 lbs), Italian bread, fresh cauliflower. $21.65.      They were having some great deals I couldn't pass up.

Save A Lot:  bacon (5.5 lbs), dry milk (2), cornstarch, bananas, radishes.  $28.89
I just had to have the Smithfield bacon at $2.29 a pound.

Aldi:  cheddar brats (2), powdered sugar, brown sugar, chibatta rolls, Pam, mayonnaise, cumin, chips (5)  $18.67

Our to date subtotal is $113.68.  I'm hoping the specials won't be too irresistible for the next week or two so that I can add some more to the cushion for November and December.  Fingers crossed.

CSA:  tomatoes, beets, beet greens, cauliflower, jalapenos, strawberries, raspberries, concord grapes, lettuce. $12
CSA:  grapes, Apple's, grape tomatoes, zucchini, green peppers, gypsy peppers, acorn squash, yellow beans, corn  $12

Giant Eagle:  Wishbone bleu cheese dressing. $0.98

Aldi:  pretzels, baby Bella mushrooms (2), olives.  $6.61

Save A Lot:  pork and beans (3)  $1.47

Price Rite:  baby Bella mushrooms (2), grated sharp cheddar (2.5 lbs), grated mozzarella (5 lbs)  $19.46

Whole Foods Co-Op:  molasses. $1.24

Save a Lot:  onions  (6lb)  $1.98

Tops:  Italian bread, cereal (3),  brownie mix, pasta shells, Kaiser rolls, canned vegetables (6), pasta sauce (2), cheese, hot dogs, ham (9 lb), bananas (4lb), apples (3lbs)        $28.80.   Plus $3.50 off a future purchase.
Again, they were having some specials I didn't want to miss out on.

Total:  $148.22

Meals Out:
Lunch with Jim and Robin. $18.42
Lunch on Saturday out.  $6.76
Ginger birthday lunch  $12
Total:  $37.18

Grand Total:  $185.40. Not bad considering that we have added quite a bit to our stockpile, too.

For the next 15 days we have $183.90 of the monthly allotment available plus the $401.95 cushion, should we need it.

I feel comfortable. Although, I am down to my last pound of butter out of the stockpile I bought last year during the Thanksgiving and Christmas holiday season.  Bring on the sales.  Soon, please.  :)

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