Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Stop Throwing Your Money Away, Literally

Disposables like napkins, paper towels, paper plates and more are money wasters.  You have to buy them over and over and soon you have nothing to show for the money you just spent except garbage that ends up in the landfill.

Why not try using cloth napkins, dish rags, kitchen towels, and  washable reusable dishes. These can be easily cleaned and reused countless times.

 I have been using some napkins over and over for the last twenty years.  Really.

Making napkins and rags or buying them cheaply can make this quite frugal.  Old bathroom wash clothes become dish rags, old bathroom hand towels become dish towels, old towels get cut up and become rags, old sheets, especially fitted , get cut and hemmed for napkins ( vets and pet shelters can always use your old flat sheets).

I also use newspaper squares for vegetable peelings and for cleaning up yucky messes that are just too bad for rags that you wash over and over again.  Newspaper is for those messes that need to go straight into the trash.

Not only will kicking the disposable habit help your budget's bottom line, it will also help you be nice to our environment.  Mother Nature will thank you.

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