Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Cuban Bread

This bread is my go to bread when I need a fast and easy yeast bread.  And, it tastes delicious.  Win-Win.

Plus, you don't need bread pans to make it.

Cuban Bread:

5-6 cups flour;  2 Tbs yeast;  2 cups water as hot as it gets from the tap; 2 Tbs sugar; 1Tbs salt

Mix the water, sugar and yeast;  let sit for five minutes to give the yeast time to start working;  work in the flour and salt;  cover and let sit for 20 minutes ;  Do Not Preheat the oven.  Form the dough into two rounds.  Score the top.  Place in Cold oven..on shelf underneath, place a pan of boiling water.  Bake about 45 minutes at 350 until brown and sounds hollow.

Great bread.  Great toast.
And, I have never had it fail.

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