Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Salvaging our grocery budget

If you want to cut your grocery budget even more, you need to step outside the traditional grocery store box.  A salvage grocery store could be exactly what your budget needs.

Salvage groceries are often found in Amish communities.

 The one I shop is, unfortunately, an hour away.  But a friend and I make an outing of it once a month and find it to be well worth the trip.

First, rest assured that salvage grocery stores are safe to shop.  They are inspected and regulated just like the more "normal" grocery stores you are used to.

So, what do you find there?  :  items in seasonal packaging, items in torn outside packaging, items in old packaging once new packaging has been introduced, closeouts, overstocked items from stores, salvage from truck wrecks.

You never know what you might find since the store is receiving new stock all the time.  You have to be willing to be flexible.

But, you can easily save 50 percent or more.  Here are some of the bargains I took advantage of recently:

Dry navy beans at 50 cents a pound
Flour, 20 pounds for $2.00
Self-rising flour, 10 pounds for $1.00
Organic beef broth, 32 ounces for 75 cents
Organic tomato sauce, 15 ounces for 49 cents
Starbucks ground coffee, 12 ounces for $2.99
Ghirardelli brownie mix for 25 cents
Cornmeal, 2 pounds for 49 cents
Ritz crackers, 12.9 ounces for 99cents
Multi grain crackers, 12 ounces for 79 cents
Frosted Mini wheats, 15.5 ounces for 75 cents
Honey Nut O's, 13.5 ounces for 50 cents
Steel cut oatmeal, 25 ounces for 89 cents
Taco boats, 8 for 25 cents
Corn tortillas, a huge stack for 25 cents
Greek vinaigrette for 10 cents
And for your furry friends, Purina cat chow, 6 pounds 3ounces for $3.99

See, it really can be worth it.  It can really help keep your food budget in check.

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