Sunday, December 7, 2014

Rodley, Newlay and Kirkstall

For the last couple of days we have been moored at Rodley on the Leeds and Liverpool.  It is a charming small village with very friendly people and dogs.  But, we almost didn't get here except for the kindness and physical strength of two nice gentlemen. 

I needed to move a swing bridge out of the way so that Mike could move the boat past.  Usually swing bridges are no big problem.  Most are pedestrian bridges and therefore smaller and lighter weight.  Bridges designed to take vehicles are usually an open weave metal type (you know what I mean, right) and therefore heavier but still no big problem.  This bridge, however, was a whole other animal!

It was a vehicle bridge with its steel frame, filled with what felt like concrete, and then capped with metal.  It literally weighed at least a ton!  I pushed.  I shoved.  I muttered.  I pushed some more.  I muttered some stronger words. And, just when I was about to give up and tell Mike we really didn't want to go anywhere did we, help arrived.

Two very nice (and the fact that they were nice looking didn't hurt either) men who work for the local council saw my plight, pulled their vehicle over, and came and manhandled the bridge out of the way and then back into its original position for me.  It was WONDERFUL!  They were even nice enough to tell me they found the bridge heavy going, too.  (I think that is called a little white lie to be kind as is totally acceptable.)

I have found, many times, that the people over here are very nice about helping.  And always with a smile.  Gotta love it.

I am glad we made it to Rodley since the night before we had moored (after dark) at Kirkstall.  Unbeknown  to us, we had moored right next to a large university dorm.  I can attest that students really do stay up all night, at least some of them.  We could hear them talking and laughing all night.  Nothing wrong with that, just disturbing for us oldies. :-)

We had also moored at Newlay but because they were doing work on the canal path only mountain goats could make the climb up to the town and the local pub.  As you might expect, our stay there was short.  I am no mountain goat.  Not one bit.

While here in Rodley we have talked with many people out walking their dogs, feeding the ducks, perambulating their young ones.  One lady Mike met yesterday was out with her two toddlers in their pram.  They are trying to sell their house and when it is being shown she and the kids head out for long walks.  The movement and the fresh air soon do their magic and the little ones nap.  Mom then heads to the local pub for a hot drink until she can head home again.  Resourceful woman.

There is also a black swan here.  We saw him on our first evening walk but didn't have our camera.  Since then he has been elusive.  We were told by one nice lady that his mate winters on a nearby nature reserve so maybe he has gone there for a visit.  If we catch sight of him before we leave here I will get a pic and post it.  Keep your fingers crossed.

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