Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Glistening shards of "Glass" and Figgy Pudding

When I went out at 8:30 this morning to take my walk the puddles on the canal path were iced over.  I realized just how frozen they were once a car had gone through them and thrown the broken ice pieces onto the path like so many pieces of broken glass.  They shimmered and sparkled in the light and were at least 1/4 inch thick.  Beautiful.

I walked past several narrow boats moored along the path and one had a full size, decorated Christmas tree set up in the stern.  It was a true decoration of the season.  The inflated Homer Simpson as Father Christmas that stood beside it, not so much.  But to each his own.

There was another boat that had strung Christmas lights all along the windows of the boat on the outside.  The lights were off by the time I walked by but I bet they look cheerful in the dark.  Maybe I will have to make a special effort to take a walk this evening to admire them.  

Along the walk I picked a couple of sprays of red berries from the hedgerow to bring back to the boat and use as part of our Christmas decorations.  I have them in the same vase as my swan feathers and they look a treat together.  A nice spot of color.

While out walking I shared some "conversations" with the local dogs (one of which was very talkative), horses, swans, ducks and geese.  It is such a peaceful part of the day shared with these beautiful creatures.  I did wonder, however, what the water fowl thought of the temp of the canal water this morning.  A little nippy I would think.

And now, on the the making and steaming of Mike's Grandmother's figgy pudding, updated to make it healthier by his wonderful Aunt Evelyn.  One of those traditions of Christmas you can't do without.

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