Monday, December 22, 2014

His Home Was Where His Heart Was

We are currently parked in a marina.  We came here almost two weeks ago in anticipation of leaving the boat for our holiday in Wales.

Boaters are friendly people.  We quickly met the couple to the right of us who live year round on their boat in the marina and commute to work from here. ( Boat living is more financially feasible than owning a home here.  The prices for even a small  non detached home can be quite high.)  On the left side we met the daughter and grandson of the boat owner, an older gentleman of about 85.  He has lived on his boat for at least 40 years!

The older gentleman has contracted pneumonia but he wanted to remain on his boat.  It was where he was most comfortable and at peace with life.  His family agreed to his wishes and visited him to check up on things several times a day.

Yesterday, when we returned from Wales, we talked with both the daughter and the grandson and the gentleman seemed to be holding his own, basically.

Sometime during the night he went home to God.

Our thoughts, prayers and sympathy are with those who are left behind to grieve and miss him being part of their lives. 

However, how wonderful that he was able to have his last wish of passing where he had lived.  May we all be as lucky. 

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