Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Roasted Chestnuts

Hands up all of you who have read any Dickens. 

Remember the roasted chestnut vendors? 

The idea of buying a warm little bag of these traditional British treats has always appealed.  Well, cross that one off my bucket list!

Yep, there are still chestnut vendors.  They are still scooped out and sold in little bags that help keep your hands warm as you munch.  And, they actually taste good.  I was a little worried about that last one but their flavor is a little sweetish and a lot moreish.

Mike and I shared a bag a couple of nights ago and we both agreed that this was a treat that we would enjoy repeating.  So, our eyes are peeled for those lovely little carts and their delightful treats that are wonderful to enjoy as day turns into dusk and then dark.

Score one for British tradition.

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