Thursday, May 29, 2014

Super Scrimping

There is a TV show over here titled Super Scrimpers that shows people who have found themselves with too much month at the ed of their money how to stretch that money.  They cover thrift stores, cooking from scratch, mending instead of replacing, shopping in pound stores, etc.

One of their favorite suggestions is to shop the reduced sections at the grocery stores.  As the store gets closer and closer to closing time the prices drop and drop until they are practically giving away the products with that day's date as its expiration or best by date.

You can usually tell where the marked down items are from the crowd of people calmly waiting in the queue for their turn to see what good deals they can find. And, if you are lucky that day and find a few, the check out girl will applaud you with a "Good job with the bargains." as you get ready to pay.

I have found that Tesco and Morrisons seem to have the best mark downs.  Aldi and Asda, in my experience, have very few.  I have heard that Lidyl has good ones but I have only shopped in one so I don't have personal experience there.  Sainesbury and Waitrose have mark downs but there prices are higher to begin with so they have farther to drop before you really get a bargain.  The UK Cooperative Store chain can have good deals but you have to keep your eyes open.  Their first reductions are only by 20 pence or so and, at least to me, that just doesn't cut it.  But later in the process you can find a few deals worth buying.

Here are some actual deals I have picked up in the last few days to restock:

From the Cooperative:
  • Stir Fry Vegies (little corn, pea pods, green beans and carrots packed together) WAS 1.95 NOW 20p
  • Fresh Watercress for salads and sandwiches WAS 1.25 NOW 20p
  • Seedless Green Grapes WAS 2.00 NOW 1.00
  • Lettuce WAS 1.00 NOW 30 p
  • Zucchini WAS 1.85 NOW 37 p
  • Cauliflower Head WAS 1.15 NOW 58 p
  • Whole Wheat bread WAS 1.43 NOW 5p (yep, five!  I can't make it for that)
  • Bananas WAS1.00 NOW 50 p
  • Spreadable Butter WAS 1.89 NOW 47p
Original Price:  13.53                          Reduced Price:  3.67              for a savings of:  9.86

From Morrisons:
  • 1 L of shelf stable milk WAS1.00 NOW 19p
  • Mixed Dried Fruit WAS 1.89 NOW 95p
  • Dried Dates WAS 1.89 NOW 49p
  • Bagels WAS 1.60 NOW 85p
  • Beef Shin for Stewing WAS 4.56 NOW 99p
  • Stewing Meat (pork) WAS 55p NOW 19p (a lady & I split the available containers 3 her 1 me)
  • Pork Mince WAS 2.71 NOW 75p
  • Gorgonzola cheese WAS 1.42 NOW 75p
  • Brie WAS 1.69 NOW 85p
  • Cheddar WAS 2.94 NOW 1.49
  • Cottage Cheese WAS 1.20 NOW 9p (Wow!)
  • Ale and Mustard Cheddar WAS 1.90 NOW 90p
  • Jarlsberg WAS 1.17 NOW 74p
  • Fresh Motzarella WAS 1.09 NOW 54p (went straight into the freezer)

Original Price:   25.61                        Reduced Price:  9.77             for a savings of:  15.84

Now, aren't you glad to discover I am still bargain hunting?  Come on, I know you are. :-)

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