Friday, May 2, 2014

Just a Few More Chuckles Heard from God

Well it happened again.  Every time we go through airport security one of us gets pulled aside to have the carry-on luggage searched.  Last time it was me so this time it was Mike's turn.  I don't know what they were looking for but every single item in Mike's backpack was emptied out.  In repacking it Mike could not find one of the boarding passes;s so out came everything, again.  With boarding passes safely in hand, we proceeded to gate 48 of 49. :)

On our way I stopped to get something to nibble on since it was now after 10:00 and my tummy was talking to me in a rather ill tempered tone of voice.  Did you know that the stores in the airport at Heathrow will not sell you ANYTHING if you do not have your boarding pass with you for them to scan?
Nope.  Me neither.  Since my boarding pass was safely in Mike's possession several yards up the concourse by now, no nibbles to calm the hungry beast that was my stomach. Breakfast would have to wait.

The flight, however, made up for any frustrations of the last couple of days. We were given seats in economy plus (translation, a lot more leg room) although our tickets were for plain economy.  Color me smiling (and Mike, too, over the thought of his $200 saved) :)  What a difference it makes over 8 hours if you do not have your knees around your ears trying to peek around your legs to watch to movie on the screen in front of you.  I could get used to economy plus.  Just a warning to you, Mike. :)

When going through customs we had our usual experience.  I cleared without a problem (must be my angelic appearance) but Mike had to go to the bad boys line (Don't have a common Irish name with others of the same on the list of troublemakers governments don't like).  Forty five minutes later, he was cleared as he always is.  It would save everybody a lot of time if they would just note that on the electronic screen that comes up when they scan his passport.  It would also save Mike from having to listen to my low level, not quite audible, grumblings while we wait.

The next part of the routine is to head to Starbucks and buy coffee.  A latte makes everything look better I find.

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