Monday, May 26, 2014

A Memorial Day Feast

Between opening and closing locks, admiring baby ducks and swans, and chatting with dogs and cats that pass by I have been busy being suzy homemaker in preparation for our Memorial Day traditional feast.

I soaked and then pressure cooked some dried pinto beans that I used to make cowboy baked beans.  Mike doesn't like the usual Boston baked beans, too sweet for his taste buds. So I season the beans with cayenne and cumin along with the traditional ketchup and mustard and just a very small touch of molasses.

I have hard boiled some eggs to be used as deviled eggs and in the macaroni salad (once I cook the macaroni which should be soon so it can cool).  I was thinking potato salad but Mike voted for macaroni.  Shall do potato someday soon, though.

Last night I made a batch of my one minute mayo to use in both the eggs and the salad.  The homemade tastes so much better than the jar type I have found here.  And, now that I have discovered a fast and easy way to make it using the immersion blender in favor of a whisk, it is no trouble or bother at all. Just an egg, lemon juice, salt, mustard and oil in a bowl and blend for about a minute.  Ta Da!

I am not a fan of regular coleslaw so I have made an Asian Slaw with a peanut butter dressing.  It smells divine and the little sample I took of the dressing (had to make sure it was OK didn't I?) tasted very promising.

The frozen beef mince and sliced Red Leicester cheddar are on the counter for the burgers.  All I need to do there is mix up a small batch of dough for burger buns.

I have homemade brownies (with extra chocolate chunks added) and fresh strawberries to round out the meal.  Yum!

It is a feast and we will be eating it in bits and pieces all week to complete the side dishes for things on the menu.  An easy week for me. :-)

We wish all of you a fine Memorial Day.

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