Friday, May 23, 2014


We are back in Fradley Junction moored outside the Swan.

Yesterday we were to have moved on down the canal in the direction of Nottingham, Robin Hood and Maid Marian but, since it rained all day, we decided to stay put.  Since I am still victim to jet lag I didn't mind that at all.

The local ducks know that we are back and that the O'Neill buffet is again up and running.  They hear my voice and they come waddling and swimming in the direction of the boat to be in on whatever goodies are about to hit the water.  Even when they are on shore with their heads tucked under their wings and apparently asleep, their radar is still going and they are up and moving at almost my first word.  There is a momma with eleven chicks and they all know,too, where the handouts come from, too.  Mike says I have created a monster but I don't mid.

We had a nice final visit with the grand kids, including grandma racing with John (a sight to behold with my knees :-) ) .  Needless to say, he won every time, although I did my best.  Running is not my forte. 

The airport was the airport.  This time it must have been my turn to look untrustworthy.  I was body scaned, patted down, checked for gunpowder residue and questioned about what I might be trying to sneak through security.  It seems the scan showed something suspicious in the small of my back.  My guess is they were thinking firearm but , being the angel that I am (stop laughing Dad), nothing was found. 

They also had issues with my carry on bag.  The MSM for my arthritis and soy milk powder seemed suspicious to them.  After they were scanned four times, they decided to let them through. My knees, hip and shoulder thank them. :-)

Later, I discovered that the watch I had removed during the above body scan had not been returned to me.  Oh well.  It wasn't a favorite.  Now I will just have to get a new one.  But I do miss knowing what time it is.

Oh yeah, the KABOOM!

As I said earlier, yesterday it rained all day.  At one point it was coming down buckets.  I was standing in the kitchen when I saw a bright flash and immediately heard a loud KABOOM that I swear shook the boat.  From people who were sitting outside the pub we learned that lightening had hit the water only a few yards from our boat.  I hope there were no kids around since the windows were open and I said a bad word, LOUDLY. I am sure it is not one their mothers would like to have added to their vocabularies. :-)

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