Monday, May 26, 2014

An Ounce of Prevention

is worth a pound of cure.  That was one of my grandmother's stock sayings.  So, I am going the prevention route.

I have not seen or been dinner for any mosquitoes yet this year.  However, since we have lots of water puddles, etc. for the to grow in and since they seem to love me, a lot, I am hoping to get the jump on them.

The government of Dubai has made available directions for an easy and eco friendly mosquito trap that I have decided to try.  I have made 3 so far: 2 large and 1 small.

 All you do is take a plastic soda bottle and cut it in half. In the bottom half goes a mixture of water and brown sugar that has been heated on the stove so that the sugar melts completely.  Make sure you let it cool before you put it in the plastic bottle or the plastic will warp.  On top of the liquid sprinkle 1/8 tsp of yeast.  Take the top half of the bottle and turn it upside down and insert it into the bottom half of the bottle.  Cover the bottle with something black, an old sock works or the sleeve of an old black sweater (that is what I used).

As to why this should work:
  • mosquitoes like sweet things (sugar and water)
  • they are attracted to the carbon dioxide put off by the yeast
  • they are attracted to the color black
  • they fly in and drown
I put my three traps in out of the way places in the living area, kitchen area and bedroom area.  If you have lots of mosquitoes the traps should be redone every 10 days to 2 weeks.

I am just hoping I don't have to endure the buzzing around my ears this summer that lets me know they are zeroing in for a meal.  Sorry mosquitoes, one of us had to go.

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