Monday, May 5, 2014

A Visit With John and Emma

We have been enjoying a few days spoiling John and Emma as grandparents are allowed to do. :-)

They went to "school" as normal on Friday but we had fun after school.  Grandma cooked dinner including the requested pork chop for John.  He is a fan of pork right now as well as his fruit.  I had also made a blueberry quick bread that he seemed to enjoy quite a lot. 

When Emma sees others eating she wants to join in.  She is a big fan of sweet potatoes and banana as well as her little "puffs".  They look like cheerios but are made with different foods such as the above.  She is a big fan and quite good at getting them into her mouth.

Emma is a very happy little thing with a smile that would melt your heart.  When she is excited her little legs and arms move all over.  I was thrilled to see that she learned to recognize my voice and would smile when I talked to her.  She loves Mike's beard: a brand new thing for her to figure out. :-)

John is a very active and inquisitive 3 year old whose favorite question is WHY?  I remember when his mom and aunt were at the same stage oh so long ago.  He loves books, riding his bike, playing at the playground and walking Blondie, his dog.  If he doesn't know how to answer a question you ask him (or doesn't want to) his favorite answer these days is "Nothing."

On Saturday he and grandpa went to Home Depot and built a flower planter.  He loved using the hammer and painting the planter once it was all together.  He reminded me of his mom:  very focused and careful to get it done well.  He then  picked out a purple petunia to put in his planter that he and grandpa planted when we got home.

After the building session we all headed to a farmers' market.  John was hungry for snack so grandma, grandpa and aunt Ellen got him apple cider and a part of a chocolate chip cookie.  He was very happy although his mom was not as overjoyed with our choices. :-)

Back at the house John and grandpa fixed the light switch in his room.  John learned how to shut off the electricity so that it could be fixed without the electricity "biting" you.  He was grandpa's big helper.  I am not sure who enjoyed it more so we will just call it a tie.

On Sunday we went to the National Zoo.  He loves the pandas, elephants, bears, tigers and lions:  well basically every animal we had time to see.  I had to smile at his excitement to see the "hangatans".  But they were sleeping and not swinging overhead.  Maybe next time.
This is a picture from the zoo trip.  Emma loves to sit up.  This was the end of the day and John was a little tired so he is having a ride.

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