Friday, April 11, 2014

Withdrawal Avoided

Necessity IS the mother of invention.  Or, it is the impetus behind a Google search to see if someone else has done the invention part.  And, guess what:  they had!

I am a latte aficionado, or maybe worse.  More like a borderline addiction.

Starbucks over here is ridiculously expensive.  And coming from me, you know it has to cost a lot if it stops me from getting a venti, sugar free vanilla, soy latte.

There is a chain of coffee houses here, Costa, that makes a decent latte at a much more reasonable price.  However, you don't often find them in the rural communities the canal passes through.

I have been buying the individual packets of instant "latte" at an outrageous price.  It made Michael nervous.

So, a recipe for make it yourself was located on Google.  Instant coffee, dry milk, dry dry creamer, and instant pudding.  Since I only had chocolate left from my last trip to the states we made a mocha latte mix.

It's good.  It's not Starbucks, but I won't have to go through withdrawal either.  :-)

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