Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Victoria Park and a Soup Kitchen

Yep, here we are in Stafford again.  Don't you like how I have stretched one visit to so many posts?  Victoria Park, the community park, has so many beautiful displays of flowers and a conservatory full of plants to admire.

It also has a bowling pitch.  I have seen people playing this but I don'[t know the rules.  It looks like they roll balls from one side to the other diagonally.  The objective?  Who knows.  But the grass on this pitch is so well maintained even my dad would be proud.

The picture of the metal bridge over the River Sow, which goes through the park, was built in commemoration of the accession of George V (grandson of Victoria) in 1910.  It was completed in 1911 and has been in use for the last 103 years and looks like it will still be around 103 years from now.  Old things are so common in the UK.

Also, as part of the park, is a small aviary with many exotic looking pheasants along with a few budgies, canaries, chickens, etc. to keep them company.
There is a pair of each type so that procreation can take its normal course. :)

And, we even saw where some eggs had been laid.  I wonder what happens to them if momma doesn't want to sit on them or daddy hasn't fertilized them?
Another unanswered question in my life.

 Oh, and for lunch that day Mike took me to the Soup Kitchen.  If that is what British Soup Kitchens are like I hope I eat in many more. :)

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