Wednesday, April 16, 2014

A Side Hustle

When you come around a bed in the canal to see a line of boats moored on the off side of the canal, chances are some entrepreneurial farmer is engaging in a side hustle to make some extra cash.

First, he needs to build a section of dock abutting the canal edge of his property.  If a road is possible for easy access, that is even better (and can mean more cash in his pocket).

Room along the dock area to park vehicles is also an added benefit (and more cha ching) so that everything doesn't have to be carried in.  It is also GREAT if you need professional assistance, a la the van in the first pic.

Now, advertise that you have permanent moorings available and set your rates.

Each boat gets a section of the dock to accommodate his/her boat and use as a mini yard.

Over time, the boaters make these small areas an extension of their boats.

Some prefer space to sit outside and dine Al fresco.

Others, are more in need of storage.

 But, for the farmer, a narrow strip of his field abutting the canal, that he could not farm completely anyhow, has become a nice source of added revenue.  Bravo!  Everyone wins.

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