Wednesday, April 2, 2014

A View of This and A View of That

Over the last few days we have traveled the ring from Middlewich, through Nantwich, and we are now parked at Market Drayton.  We have taken a few pictures that I thought you might enjoy looking at.  If you are not into pics you can skip this one. :)

 I just love these Tudor buildings.  These were in Nantwich.  Can you imagine shopping or working in a business housed in the first floor of such a building?  Even better, I would love to live in one of the upstairs flats.  That would be lovely.

Nantwich is literally full of these historical buildings that have been maintained, rehabbed and are still in use.  Now remember, they are about 400 years old!

This quirky, unusual building was also in Nantwich.  It doesn't say what it originally was but to Mike and I it looks like a small chapel on the right side with the minister's home on the left.  I loved the uniqueness of it, whatever it originally was.

 This is the view from the canal as we travel on an aqueduct over the highway.  You can see the road under us and the water of the canal.
This is a picture of the same aqueduct from the road below.  We were quite a distance up in the air. 

A piece of artwork commemorating the countless horses that walked the canal paths pulling the narrow boats and their cargo to where they needed to be.

Some of the gorgeous primroses that can be found everywhere this time of year.  I just love them.  I wonder, will they grow in Erie?  They should, right?

Momma and baby woolies in a field right along the canal path.  They are so cute.  You just want to hug them, if momma would let you.  I do not think she would take too kindly to that idea.

This tree struck me as a condo complex for the local squirrels.  Look at all the nests in this small section.

You gotta love the humor in this sign. Posted on the wall outside a pub.

The plaque says it all.

You can spend the night in an upstairs room here if you would like.  No fleas anymore so not really authentic. :-)


Men, Women and Handicapped.  Important to locate in every town you visit. :)

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