Friday, April 11, 2014

M's Orange Cake

When the girls were younger (and so was I) I used to make and orange cake that they loved.  I haven't made it in a lot of years.

But, let's go back in time.  When DD2 was a little and oh so precious thing (she still is), she loved tangerines and her Grandmother B used to make sure there were always some for her to enjoy when we visited. 

I used to make a cakes for DD1 and DD2 that had oranges and a syrup that you would let drift down through the cake.  Both of them loved it.  It was like Grandma's tangerines.

So, today I had a few clementines that needed to be used before they were abused, I made them into a pseudo orange cake for dessert for tonight. 

I do this with love for DD1 and  DD2.

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