Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Time to Travel Again

We are off again for a visit to the states to attend a friend's graduation from university.  We leave for London tomorrow morning and then from Heathrow on Thursday, May 1st and will be back, hopefully, on Tuesday, May 20th.  The travel log will then resume. :-)  Until, here are a few this and that photos to help with the withdrawal. :-)

 Beautiful wildflowers along the canal path.
Some might call them weeds but I just think of them as under appreciated wildflowers.

Another very stubborn tree that refuses to give up.  It's hard to tell it here but the bottom of this tree is leaning at almost a 90 degree angle!

Want a dog made of wellies?  Someone at this shop had a little time on their hands.  I love it.  Maybe Mike would let me have this dog on the boat?  What do you think?

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