Tuesday, April 2, 2019

Buying and Eating: March 16-31

Remaining allotment  $297.16

What We Ate:  taco salad; Reuben sandwich;  vegetable soup; dahl, salad, homemade flat bread; chicken, mashed potatoes, green beans, salad;  Vegetarian chili;  fish chowder;  homemade chicken noodle soup; ham loaf from the freezer, sauteed cabbage, noodles with garlic and cheese;  homemade chicken noodle soup; Vegetarian pot pie from the freezer; corned beef hash, winter squash, cantaloupe or yoghurt; Vegetarian vegetable soup and grilled cheese; leftover corned beef hash; bean burrito; pasta carbonara; pepperoni pizza

What We Bought:

Aldi:  red potatoes ( 10#),  onions (3#), sauerkraut  $5.76

Aldi:  crAckers (2)  $2.14

Price Rite:  cheese (3)  $2.97

CostcoCostco:    whole pepper corns, Tilamook cheddar cheese (2.5 lbs),Romano (1 lb), feta (2.5 lbs) $30.92

Trader Joe's:  peanut butter (5), shelled example (2)  $13.93

Total Groceries:  $55.72

Eating Out:

Breakfast with Cindy  $10.50
Breakfast with Dad  $10.83
Lunch with Joyce $15.50
Mike lunch $3.07
Lunch at Costco:  $4.32
Lunch to D.C.$7
Lunch at D.C .$7.21
Lunch from D.C.  $15.88

Grand of Eating Out:  $74.31

Grand Total of Both:  $130.03

$121.77 Grand Total  Groceries for the Month

$80.31 Grand Total Eating Out for the Month

$202.08 Combined Grand Total for the Month

To the Cushion:  $167.13

$599.83 Grand Total for the Cushion Year to Date

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