Friday, March 1, 2019

Buying and Eating: February 16-28

$212.68 remaining allocation

What We Ate:  tortilla pizza and chips; tuna pasta bake, butternut squash with cumin, Parmesan wine supper bread; sauerkraut, potato and kielbasa casserole; leftover tuna bake;  leftover sauerkraut,potato and kielbasa casserole; pork with mustard sauce, sauted garlic spinach, salad; eggplant Parmesan with meat sauce,   spaghetti squash, sauted zucchini, garlic cheese tortilla; Philly cheese steak wrap, salad; eggs Benedict and salad; leftover eggplant Parmesan; Philly cheese steak tortilla pizza; turkey broccoli casserole and green beans; cheeseburger quiche

What We Bought:

Aldi:  Roma tomatoes, strawberries blueberries, zucchini  $4.93

Giant Eagle:  Chobani yogurt  Free with coupon

Price Rite:  eggplant, cantaloupe, butter (2). $4.92

Save a Lot:  Brussel sprouts (lb), onions (6 lbs)  $4.97

Aldi:  water, cherries,(2), low carb bars (2 boxes), mozzarella cheese, Swiss cheese, provolone cheese, cottage cheese, feta cheese, bleu cheese, sour cream  $28.62 (a Low carb diet shop)

Price Rite:  canned beans (4), cucumbers (2), green and red pepper Wesson Oil (2gallons)  $8.63

Aldi:  mushrooms (2), whipping cream (2)   $4.88

Total for Groceries:  $56.95

Eating Out:

Lunch with Ginger  $8
Lunch with Joyce $15
Mike lunch $1.63

Total for Eating Out:  $24.63

Grand total for second half of the month:  $81.58

  Totals for the Month:

Groceries:  $157.18
Eating Out:  $44.63
Monthly Grand Total:  $201.81

Amount to Cushion:  $131.10

New cushion amount:  $432.70

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