Saturday, February 23, 2019

Salvage Shopping

We were in need of coffee so we made a trip to salvage.  We came home with coffee and several more things jumped into the cart.  Here is what came home with us.

Coffee, ten at $2.99/bag and four at $1.99/bag for a total of $37.86

Croutons, two bags at 79 cents each

Cereal, five boxes total.  Four were 25 cents each and one was 99 cents;  two are raisin bran which will be used for making muffins

Low Carb Tortillas, one was 75 cents and one was 99 cents

Evaporated Goat Milk for 10 cents to make fudge

Refried Beans, two at 10 cents each; great for quick meals

Kraft Mayonnaise, four at 25 cents each

Pudding Mix, three at 25 cents each

Tabouli Mix for 65cents

Matzo ball soup, 49 cents

Grits, 50 cents

Bisquick, $1.50

Tea bags, one hundred for $2.99

Macaroni and cheese, organic, six boxes for 25 cents each

Chopped apples, four small containers for 65 cents

Ketchup, 75 cents

Tomato puree, large, two for $1Total

Tahini, two pounds for $1.50/pound

Evaporated milk, four cans for $1

Breakfast bars, four boxes for $1

Wine vinegar for 99cents

Total Spent  $62.52.

Some nice bargains there.

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