Saturday, February 16, 2019

Buying and Eating: February 1-15

$333.48 monthly allocation  with a cushion of $301.60

What We Ate:  moo shu chicken and Asian chopped salad; bbq pork sandwiches, chips and green beans; curried pumpkin soup and Dahl with rice;  Italian beans and greens pasta and garlic bread;  creamy shrimp rice and peas; baked potato bar; cheese manicotti;  bean soup and grilled bologna sandwich; hamburgers, salad, baked sweet potato;  taco salad; vegetable pot pie; taco pizza with popcorn;  pasta with Buffalo Wing sauce, carrots;  beef stroganoff soup; tuna macaroni salad, Parmesan Wine Supper Bread, apple sauce

What We Bought:

Salvage:  croutons (2), cereal (5), coffee (14), Low carb tortilla (2), evaporated milk (5), refried beans (2), mayonnaise (4),  pudding mix (3), tabouli salad mix, matzo ball soup, instant grits, Bisquick, tea bags (100), macaroni and cheese (6), chopped apples in syrup, ketchup, tomato puree (2 large),  tahini(2#), breakfast bars (4), red wine vinegar  $62.52

Price Rite:  green pepper, red peppers (2), onions (3#), butter (4#) cheese (3), eggs (6) $20.96

I'm already more than last month.  Time to put on the brakes.

Giant Eagle:  French bread pizza  49 cents with coupon

Aldi:  cheese (2), French onion dip ( sub for sour cream) 99, diced tomatoes with garlic and basil (to use in salads ( 3) , Parmesan cheese (2)  .     $10.16

Tops:  potatoes (5#), bakery rye bread, lettuce  $4.57

Bread Store:  cinnamon raisin English muffins, everything bagels  $2.02

Total Grocery:  $100.23

Eating Out :
Thai lunch with Mike  $20.57

Total Eating Out:  $20.5.

Grand Total:  $120.80

Total Remaining Of Monthly Allocation:  $212.68

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