Tuesday, February 19, 2019

February 1-15 and the Menu Plan

Here is what we are for the first part of the month and how it aligns with our previously decided upon menu plan for this year.

Low Meat :   moo shu chicken; taco salad; taco pizza
Regular:  bbq pork sandwiches;  hamburgers
Vegetarian:  curried pumpkin soup, dahl and rice, vegetable pot pie
Pasta:  Italian beans and greens, cheese manicotti; spaghetti with      Buffalo Wing sauce; tuna macaroni salad
Rice:  creamy rice and Shrimp with peas
Potato:  baked potato bar
Soup:  bean soup and sandwich; beef stroganoff soup
Egg:  0

Low Meat:  3
Regular:   2
Vegetarian:  2
Pasta:  4, two vegetarian, one low meat, one regular meat
Rice:  1,  low meat
Potato:  1, low meat
Soup:  one regular meat, one low meat
Egg:  0

Final Analysis:
Vege:  4
Low Meat:  7
Regular Meat:  4

Doing better but would still like at least one less low meat and one more vegetarian.

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