Saturday, February 2, 2019

Buying and Eating: January 16-31

$330.55.  That's how much we started the last two weeks of the month with.  There was no cushion.  But since we are eating mainly from the stockpile, we should have plenty at the end of the month to start our cushion for the year.

What We Ate:  hotdogs and beans from the freezer, cheesy cornbread, spinach salad, corn; curry and lentil pancakes from the freezer;  homemade falafels,hummus, and flatbread with steamed spinach with garlic; ham steak, butter beans, broccoli rice, cornmeal muffins;  sliced turkey from freezer, homemade cranberry chutney, baked sweet potato, roasted Brussels sprouts; leftovers and macaroni and cheese; chicken and rice casserole, mixed vegetables, strawberries; turkey and gravy over stuffing, roasted carrots;  augratin potatoes and ham;  Chili and tortilla chips; broccoli soup with homemade bread; broccoli and rice crepes; savoury vegetable bread pudding with sliced peaches;  lite pasta carbonara; vegetable soup from the freezer with turkey avocado sandwiches;  curried potatoes, dahl, lentil pancakes

What We Bought:

Aldi:  cauliflower rice, blueberries, strawberries, cucumber, egg noodles (2)  $7.64

Save a Lot:  avocados (3) $1.17

Giant Eagle:  belvita  free with coupon

Tops:  beef broth (32oz), goldfish, eggs (3doz), potatoes (5lb), bananas (4lb), garbanzo beans (3 cans)  $11.02

Giant Eagle:  Bubly flavored water  free with coupon

Aldi:  cream cheese (4), Asian salad kit, English muffins, cherries (2)  $9.12

Groceries Total:  $28.95

We didn't eat out this two Week period.

Monthly Totals;

Groceries $56.40
Eating Out  $11.21

Grand Total for the Month  $67.61

Amount to Cushion  $301.60

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